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St Oliver Plunkett School Primary School and Nursery 9 Laragh Road, Beragh, Omagh

Policies Overview

St Oliver Plunkett Primary and Nursery School has a wide range of Policies covering all aspects of school life. On this page we have detailed some of the most important policies for you, but a more comprehensive list is available at the office. Please feel free to call our school office if you would like a copy of any of our policies.

List of Policies Available:

  • School Development Plan 2017-2020
  • Literacy Policy
  • Numeracy Policy
  • Special Educational Needs Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • World Around Us Policy
  • ICT Policy
  • Marking Policy
  • Homework Policy
  • Assessment Policy
  • Pastoral Care and Positive Behaviour Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Intimate Care Policy



Internet Safety

27th Sep 2017

Pastoral Care

1st Sep 2017

At St Oliver Plunkett Primary and Nursery School, pastoral care permeates all aspects of school life. It reflects the values, attitudes, beliefs and practices of our catholic faith and involves all members of our school community – children, newcomer children, parents and all other adults who contribute to the well being of each child. Everyone in St Oliver Plunkett Primary and Nursery has the right to work and socialise in a safe and secure environment where all respect and value each other as children of God.